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When you think about it nearly everyone is "exempt" from restrictions-

the military, healthcare, the old, the young...

the western lifestyles, the poor...is the art. 6 document intentionally

bamboozlementary for the clueless public?

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Thank you for this series, Y need to study in deep detail.. But it is quite plain that all this shuffling of financial instruments (of any variety) has nothing to do with CUTTING ENERGY USE and ending fossil fuels! That quote from President of Bolivia is essential: “The solution to the climate crisis is not going to be achieved with more green capitalism and more global carbon markets. The solution is civilizational change, to move towards an alternative model to capitalism the concept of living well together in harmony with Mother Earth.” This thought follows along the lines of Dr. Maja Goepel's "Great Mindshift" and using a measure of human satisfaction rather than GDP. See https://kathleenmccroskey.substack.com/p/a-review-of-the-great-mindshift

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