Indigenous communities continue to suffer because for what they cared and used sustainably for centuries because of greed and unsustainable greenwashing western ideologies and scramble for global South for extractive conservation and natural resources.

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Big thank you to Anuradha Mittal at Oakland Institute for taking a stand for the Indigenous peoples. And remember guess who has been put in charge of the funds being collected for the Loss and Damage climate funds? World Bank, again! The actions described in this post are all-too-familiar typical consequences of what has become Fortress Conservation - kick the poor and Indigenous out (they have no social status so can't really fight back) and claim all that land as a biodiversity site. But, it gets worse, when in fact, the land becomes a money-making trophy-hunting reserve for the rich! Let's instead depopulate the Great Lakes watershed and declare that a biodiversity site.

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These moves are orchestrated by the likes of BlackRock and Vangard who lend to the World Bank.


Megafirms like BlackRock now play a huge role in shaping investment decisions, yet they’ve attracted remarkably little scrutiny. Despite claims that “passive investing” empowers small investors, the trend is driving a dangerous concentration of economic power.

Humongous vultures, world straddling crows and crop consuming insects, too , are they.

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