Thank you for introducing me to Joe Romm. As I breathe Canadian wildfire smoke this morning and consider the carbon offset scam, I feel a bit ridiculous as I write an article about degrowth. Thank you for the good work, Chris.

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Great article, thanks!

First of all, "Net Zero" is a clcver ploy to imply actual zero emissions and is a grand hoax, supreme greenwashing.

Talk (which remains persistent) of limiting "global heating" to 1.5°C is absolute nonsense, since the eventual equalibrium temperature based on PRESENT CO2 atmospheric levels is 10°C. If we want to reduce that level to 1.5°C we need to drastically boost aerosols (now contributing to about 8°C cooling) and/or promote negative emissions (very expensive). See

[ http://www.columbia.edu/~jeh1/mailings/2023/ElNino2023.14June2023.pdf ]

As I have said before, every carbon pricing/offsetting scheme is a scam because it is impossible to balance that set of books. Oxygen pricing, on the other hand, does fund poorer countries (ecojustice) for mitigation and adaptation. See [ https://kathleenmccroskey.substack.com/p/can-oxygen-pricing-help-save-the ]

But for years Joe Romm has rejected this idea.

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