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Not sure I agree that no decision on 6.2 is good news. Those who wanted "light touch" regulation under 6.2 were in favor of adding no additional language, which is exactly the outcome they achieved. 6.2 is viewed as being operational and countries are enacting bi-lateral arrangements "under the guise of 6.2". Maybe you could argue that an agreement to add no additional text would have been worse than no new text, but not clear that we will get a different outcome. Given the inability of the CMA to make any decisions on 6.2 or 6.4, the VCM ecosystem believes it has the green light for business-as-usual. They are celebrating the collaboration amongst the major standard setters, and between the various 'regulatory' initiatives (VCMI, ICVCM, SBTi, CDP .....). Additionally they are pointing to comments made by John Kerry and others fully supporting the VCM. Like it or not, we have not seen the last of carbon credits and carbon offsetting.

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The COP trade shows are meaningless,

"Since the climate negotiations began in 1992 more carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels has been released worldwide than in all preceding human history."


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