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That's a great quote from Kwami Kpondzo, suitable for framing.

It's sad that Kenya took down a forest to build a highway to take delegates to this conference. But at least they got the soot-belching busses and lorries off the streets and out-of-view.

All this carbon marketing and complicated offsets business reveals the intended fog of complexity which is typical of neo-con’s attempts to monetize Nature, resulting in “a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” What fools these mortals be!

As for the CDM (Clean Development Mechanism), of course the UN can’t fix it, since it already runs exactly as intended, as a monetary fog to hide its shortcomings and obscure the actually necessary work of ending emissions. All a market “in the billions” is going to do is divert money from needed mitigation and adaptation work into the hands of the 1%. How could any possible flow of money, regardless of its size, encourage the world’s forests to absorb all the ever-increasing emissions? As has been demonstrated over and over, pouring money out on the land only causes a mortgage on that land, never an improvement in Nature. BTW, “clean development” is an oxymoron, similar to “military intelligence.”

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