Sitemap - 2020 - REDD-Monitor

Sarah Milne on REDD in Cambodia: “Unchecked government power, the erosion of Indigenous rights, and violence against environmental defenders”

The Nature Conservancy’s fake forest offsets

Response from Oak Trust: “We do have circa 9.5 mil credits and Brett has been appointed as an agent to market these”

“Storage of carbon in plants and soils cannot compensate for emissions of fossil carbon”

UPDATED – Brett Tremain: “We currently hold 9.5m REDD’s carbon certificates 2012 to 2017 vintages”

REDD-Monitor’s “incredibly important perspective” on the Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets: “The Taskforce is madness”!

The return of the carbon cowboys: How NIHT Inc failed to get free, prior and informed consent for REDD in New Ireland, Papua New Guinea

“Worse than doing nothing”: Shell’s REDD offsets in Indonesia and Peru

New Greenpeace report exposes VW’s REDD carbon offset sham. The Katingan REDD project faces problems of additionality, permanence, leakage, land conflicts

Interview with Larry Lohmann, The Corner House: “Carbon markets do not need to be ‘fixed’. They need to be eliminated”

Seven years ago, Renwick Haddow and Kristan Gander set up a scam in Dubai called Platinum Commodities. The company’s CEO, Robin Berlyn, is still trapped in Dubai

Open letter to the Convention on Biodiversity: 30% target for protected areas is counterproductive, and will lead to evictions and displacement of Indigenous Peoples

Carbon colonialism in the Alto Mayo REDD project in Peru. An interview with Lauren Gifford on Earth Watch

The EU’s NaturAfrica must avoid colonialism in conservation: Protected areas should be managed by Indigenous Peoples themselves

Planet of the Humans (part 2): Bill McKibben and

Planet of the Humans (part 1): Blood and Gore

Fortress conservation: Disney’s offsets are paying for heavily armed park rangers in Conservation International’s Alto Mayo REDD project in Peru

The Swedish Energy Agency has stopped buying carbon credits from Green Resources’ destructive plantations in Uganda

The Green Climate Fund must reject Arbaro’s industrial tree plantations

One trillion trees. A naive and dangerous distraction from the need to leave fossil fuels in the ground

For an economics that takes the climate science seriously