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I never use Our World in Data unless some higher-quality source corroborates the info. Number one problem - too many humans. Number 2 problem - excess and inequality of consumption, such that rich nations need medications to alleviate obesity while other peoples starve. Contrary to Monbiot, who would have all pasture-land resort to rewilding with imaginary European elephants, grazing, properly done with respect to the health of the grasslands rather than the numbers of animals involved, is actually a good system to convert plants that you cannot eat into digestible protein see https://kathleenmccroskey.substack.com/p/whats-for-dinner Again, we read about bankers “putting a rice on Nature” at the WEF, the end-game of which is that any piece of Nature can be sold off if the price is right. Nature is not a “asset” that can appreciate the value of money “invested” in it - if you pour money out on land and see an increase in your holdings, you had best reconsider what your currency peg was, since perchance it was your currency which devalued?

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