Sitemap - 2016 - REDD-Monitor

REDDheads: Sheryl Sturges and a coal-fired power plant in the USA “offset” by tree planting in Guatemala

Response from IFC fails to answer any of REDD-Monitor’s questions about its “Forest Bond”

Some questions for the IFC about its “Forest bonds”

The World Bank’s Forest Carbon Partnership Facility “has not saved a single hectare of forest”

Deforestation in Wildlife Conservation Society’s Seima REDD project in Cambodia

IFC launches US$152 million REDD greenwashing bond for mining corporation BHP Billiton. With help from Conservation International

Five responses to the aviation industry’s carbon offsetting scam

Larry Lohmann: “The problem is not ‘bad baselines’ but the concept of counterfactual baselines itself”

Response from Tom Evans, Wildlife Conservation Society: REDD has made “Seima a stronger project with a better long-term future”

Industry RE and a very big REDD carbon credit scam

Contradictions in Wildlife Conservation Society’s Seima REDD project in Cambodia

Response from Phil Wombwell, ex-director of Eventus Alternatives: “Since 3 years have passed I would like you to consider removing the article in its entirety”

Climate tipping point? The Amazon faces intense droughts and fires again this year

Lochwood Capital: “Your site has comments sections which defame one of my employees”

An email trail of a carbon credit scam (part 2). Featuring 360 Invest Group, Carbon-ex, and Colemans-CTTS

The virtual economy of REDD: Conflicts of interest, hot air, and dodgy baselines

Response from Salya Group: “Please could you kindly remove this link … with the upmost urgency”

World Rainforest Movement: “REDD is racist”

The European Investment Bank and USAID are supporting REDD through Althelia Climate Fund: A financial intermediary based in the tax haven of Luxembourg

Three carbon credit fraud suspects wanted in Germany for tax evasion and money laundering

An email trail of a carbon credit scam. Featuring Carbon-ex, 360 Invest Group, Carbon-Expert, and Colemans-CTTS

A recovery room scam is cloning Opus Capital. Meanwhile Paul Seakens, director of Opus Capital (previously known as Carbon Neutral Investments) was hired in 2014 to advise Thorn Medical

Oddar Meanchey, Cambodia: “No one seems to be learning any lessons”

Papua New Guinea’s deforestation problem

Deforestation is increasing in the Mai Ndombe REDD project area. And the project still sells carbon credits

Roots of inequity in Wildlife Works’ Kasigau Corridor REDD Project