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The harsh reality of 30×30: The EU is keen to allow extractivism in the 30×30 target – but not Indigenous Peoples’ territories

Human rights abuses against Indigenous Peoples and the proposed “30×30” target

Guest Post - Nature Positive: The new ‘con’ in conservation is a slogan that will only help businesses, opening the floodgates for a torrent of even more greenwashing

Guyana is to sell US$750 million carbon offsets to Hess Corporation, a US-based oil corporation that is extracting oil in Guyana. The saga of false solutions to the climate crisis continues

The Frankfurt Declaration on biodiversity promotes protecting 30% of the earth, “Nature-Positive”, and offsetting. To make matters worse, it excludes Indigenous Peoples

New statement opposing 30×30: “Target to ‘protect’ 30% of earth by 2030 – a disaster for people and bad for the planet”

Addressing the Amazon tipping point is more urgent than ever. REDD is not working. The worst thing we could do is trade the carbon stored in the Amazon against emissions from burning fossil fuels

Charges against Maasai in Loliondo, Tanzania dropped; “Their only ‘crime’ was exercising their right to protest while security forces tried to seize land from them in the name of ‘conservation’”

COP27 achieved nothing. No surprises there

Amnesty International on 30×30: “Indigenous peoples and local communities experience violence and forced eviction in the context of protected areas on a massive scale”

Climate Action Network International rejects carbon offsetting at COP27

“Carbon markets and offsets, geo-engineering, ‘Net Zero’ frameworks, ‘Nature-based solutions’, ‘ecosystem services’ do not cut emissions and are new forms of colonization.”

“No room for offsets.” The Climate Land Ambition and Rights Alliance’s message for COP27

Papua New Guinea Environmental Alliance asks Climate Change Development Authority to “slow down” process of carbon market regulation

Shell loses appeal against Dutch advertising watchdog. The claim that offsets “compensate” emissions is misleading

Brazilian state of Tocantins teams up with Mercuria Energy Trading to sell 200 million imaginary jurisdictional REDD carbon credits

Sarawak’s rush to trade forest carbon “will not help address climate change, and worse, it can also backfire with serious negative impacts” says Sahabat Alam Malaysia

How Indonesia controls the narrative on deforestation under the new REDD deal with Norway

COP27 is greenwashing pollution, greenwashing a police state, and greenwashing war

This is what 30×30 will look like: “The government is happy for injustices done to our people”. The East African Court of Justice turns a blind eye to the Tanzanian government’s human rights abuses

EasyJet announces it will stop buying carbon offsets. Good news? Well, it’s complicated

“Gabon is well on the way to fulfil all requirements to become eligible to obtain and receive payments for results-based REDD+ actions”: Interview with Dirk Nemitz, UNFCCC Secretariat

NGOs raise the alarm that the Forest Stewardship Council is opening the door to the global release of genetically engineered trees

12 Replies to 12 Lies about Industrial Tree Plantations

Munduruku Indigenous communities oppose REDD project on their territory

The Madre de Dios Amazon REDD+ Project: FSC blocks and suspends logging company Maderyja. The REDD project is still selling carbon offsets

The Amazon tipping point crisis

Zeit journalists investigate how easy it is to become “climate neutral”

US$3.3 million carbon credit trading scam in Taiwan: Directors of Rich Alliance Good Health Co given prison sentences

NIHT Inc: Two more letters from communities complaining about the company’s REDD operations in Papua New Guinea

Tony Hetherington on Living Investments UK’s Nick Durrant: “Like handling a particularly slippery eel that has been given a generous coating of Vaseline”

John Oliver: “We cannot offset our way out of climate change”

The International Finance Corporation’s Carbon Opportunities Fund: Cryptocarbon, blockchain, and US corporations registered in the tax haven of Delaware

Blue carbon is “uncertain” and “unreliable” says new report

Forest offsets go up in smoke in California’s “forever fire”

Invictus Energy uses REDD to greenwash gas extraction in Zimbabwe

Brazilian Federal Prosecution Office gives Nemus 15 days to prove that it owns the land in the Amazon rainforest linked to its non-fungible tokens

Democratic Republic of Congo is auctioning 30 oil and gas blocks. Crypto initiative RedemptionDAO wants to buy “at least one block of land” and “co-create nature-based revenue streams”

Some questions for Land Life Company following the 14,000 hectare fire in Spain

“Impact you can see”: Carbon offsetting outfit Land Life Company burns 14,000 hectares in Spain

Mayur Resources threatens to sue after Kamula Doso cancelled

Democratic Republic of Congo threatens to release its carbon bomb

Papua New Guinea’s Forest Authority cancels Mayur Resources’ Kamula Doso REDD project

German supermarket Aldi buys carbon offsets from monoculture eucalyptus plantations in Uruguay in order to claim that its milk is “carbon neutral”

After 11 years, many villagers wonder what they get from Wildlife Works Carbon’s Mai Ndombe REDD project

Violence against the Maasai continues in Loliondo District, Tanzania

How to burn the planet. Shell invests US$38 million in Carbonext, Brazil’s biggest REDD offset firm

Japan Petroleum Exploration claims that fossil gas is “carbon neutral”, by buying carbon offsets from a project in Belize that no longer exists

Gabon plans the world’s biggest ever issue of carbon credits. By logging its forests

Indigenous Sengwer urge donors “to stop funding conservation projects that are stealing our land and destroying our life”

The return of the Kamula Doso REDD project in Papua New Guinea: This time run by Mayur Resources, a mining company, and Santos, an oil and gas company

Oakland Institute and Survival International call on UNESCO and IUCN to cut ties with the Tanzanian government over the most recent human rights abuses against the Maasai in Loliondo

Statement from Kichwa Indigenous communities about the Cordillera Azul National Park REDD (PNCAZ) project: “No to the false climate solutions offered as ‘Nature Based Solutions’”

30×30 target “not supported by the science”

Aby L. Sène on “Land Grabs and Conservation Propaganda” in Africa

NIHT Inc’s misleading statements about the company’s REDD operations in Papua New Guinea

Global Forestry Investments scam: Andrew Skeene and Omari Bowers sentenced to 11 years in prison

Violence against the Maasai in Loliondo “strongly condemned”. Arrested Maasai charged with murder

Papua New Guinea Environmental Alliance writes to the Climate Change and Development Authority proposing a consultation process for REDD+ Safeguards

Open Letter Denouncing Suzano Papel e Celulose’s glyphosate-resistant Genetically Engineered (GE) Eucalyptus

Tree planting is not a solution to the climate crisis

Evicting the Maasai for “conservation” and trophy hunting in Loliondo, Tanzania. Dozens of Maasai have been injured by gun shots

Offsets don’t stop climate change

Global Forestry Investments: Andrew Skeene and Omari Bowers convicted for £37 million scam

“Flowcarbon is a scam,” says Cory Doctorow about WeWork co-founder Adam Neumann’s new carbon offset and blockchain company

Verra prohibits tokenisation of retired offsets. Toucan welcomes the news

Sadhguru: How not to save soil

Stop the Racist Conservation Model!

Business as usual at WWF Germany: Conflict of interest allegations; Executive Director resigns; Whistleblower threatened with dismissal; WWF Germany covers up

Papua New Guinea Environmental Alliance demands proper REDD safeguards and implementation of moratorium on voluntary carbon market REDD projects

“REDD does nothing to address the crisis of endless economic growth.” Interview with Chris Lang, REDD-Monitor, by Fábio Alkmin, PhD student at the University of São Paulo, Brazil

Offsetting is not an option if we are serious about addressing the climate crisis. My response to Hartmut Graßl

Papua New Guinea Environmental Alliance letter to Pogio Ghate, Minister for Environment, Conservation and Climate Change

Ecomapuá Amazon REDD Project, Brazil: Pública investigation reveals Ecomapuá Conservação is selling “illegal” carbon offsets from land it does not own

Response from Steve Zwick, Verra: “Verra will ask Kanaka Management Systems to cease and desist any actions that may mislead communities into thinking that Verra has not already rejected the project”

Response from Kanaka Management Services: “Please do not conduct legal trail or castigate REDD+ project developers on the website by writing text which shows the project developer in bad light”

REDD Project in Brazil Nut concessions in Madre de Dios, Peru: “They don’t count deforestation when they don’t want to. And, this is cheating”

Kanaka Management Services’ REDD project in the Democratic Republic of Congo: “Fundamentally incompatible with the government’s vision and objectives”

Five men found guilty in £13 million Essex and London Properties Ponzi scheme. Including Jeffrey Razaq, director of carbon scam company MH Carbon

Big Polluters, carbon offsetting, and REDD

The Central African Forest Initiative is promoting industrial logging in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Verra’s response to REDD-Monitor’s questions about Toucan’s transferring of retired carbon offsets to the blockchain:

Toucan’s crypto layer on top of carbon offsets is expanding the market for toxic hot air

Gang rape, torture, and murder by park guards and soldiers at Kahuzi-Biega National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Urgent call for international support to stop the Tanzanian government’s human rights violations against the Maasai:

The UN’s Expert Group on net zero is not a “greenwashing watchdog”. It’s a toothless lapdog that will legitimise the net zero con

Carbonballs: Nigel Farage opposes “net zero” while hoping to cash in on carbon trading with Dutch firm DGB Group

The Nicaraguan government is attacking human rights and Indigenous organisations. Where does this leave the Green Climate Fund’s REDD programme?

Living Investments UK and Hyperion Management are boiler room scams that offered investments in teak plantations in Costa Rica. But will the UK authorities take any action?

Colonial conservation: Why an Indigenous Maya community in Belize protested against a visit from Prince William

Papua New Guinea declares a moratorium on voluntary REDD projects

Carbon cowboys and cattle ranches: Kanaka Management Services’ proposed REDD+ Project in Oro Province of Papua New Guinea

Can Nemus Earth save the Amazon Rainforest by selling NFTs?

The US Securities and Exchange Commission must not let Big Polluters get away with offsetting instead of sweeping structural change

Press conference on March 15: No to Nature-Based Solutions!

Carbonballs: Canadian carbon offsetting company Carbon Neutral Royalty appoints two “strategic advisers”. They are Erik Solheim, disgraced ex-head of UNEP; and John Mitnick, previously with the climat

Al Jazeera: Why are Tanzania’s Maasai being forced off their ancestral land?

Conservationists claim that their aim to place thirty per cent of the planet in protected areas by 2030 is supported by science. It isn’t. What the science does and doesn’t say about 30×30

Survival International: Stop the 30×30 plan

30×30: “A bigger land grab than has ever been planned”

A question for Jeffrey Kitingan, Sabah’s Deputy Chief Minister: Who owns Lionsgate, the company registered in the British Virgin Islands that owns all the shares in Hoch Standard?

The Katingan REDD project: How offsetting enables the fossil fuel sociopaths to destroy the planet

‘Other Effective Area-Based Conservation Measures’ (OECMs): an acceptable face of protected areas that can save biodiversity?

Carbon offsets are a license to pollute

“Sabah’s Nature Conservation Agreement “legally impotent” says Attorney General

Companies buy older and cheaper carbon offsets. But that’s just Gresham’s Law in action: “Bad money drives out good”

Will global spatial planning save the world’s biodiversity? (No, it won’t.) For those engaged in developing the new Global Biodiversity Framework: four lessons from the past, and a warning for the fut

“Carbon offsets are bullshit”: Cory Doctorow

Whistleblower on Sabah’s Nature Conservation Agreement: “An obvious con”

James Moore sentenced to more than 11 years in prison for his role in the Bar Works scam

Carbon offsetting through tree planting will not help solve the climate crisis

A marriage made in hell: The World Bank’s Climate Warehouse and crypto company Chia

Stop the evictions of 70,000 Maasai in Loliondo, Tanzania

The Resex Rio Preto-Jacundá REDD+ Project in Brazil is still selling carbon offsets despite failing to stop deforestation

Smurfit Kappa is destroying Indigenous Peoples’ land in Colombia while claiming to be “sustainable”. Instead of supporting Indigenous Peoples’ rights, WWF and FSC are helping to greenwash the destruct

Congo’s forest ‘emissions reductions programme’: Germany, Norway and UK taxpayers paying for nothing

We cannot offset our way out of the climate crisis: A response to Norwegian economist Henrik Wiig

TRIDOM – one of the largest trans-boundary wildlife areas in Africa faces critical new threats. Far from protesting, conservationists are looking to cash-in on the destruction

Massive tree planting schemes are not the answer to the biodiversity and climate crises

Some questions for Imran Ali, director of SavePlanetEarth

The strange story of SavePlanetEarth: Tree planting, carbon credits, blockchain, non-fungible tokens, cryptocurrency, and way more questions than answers

Norway’s forest and climate policy: “Heisann og hoppsann og fallerallera”

Suzano and COP26: The Glasgow climate debacle, part 3

Police in China arrest eight suspects in “Carbon Forest” cryptocurrency scam

Peter Virdee sentenced to more than three years in prison for his role in carbon credit VAT fraud

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